Friday, 19 October 2012

Different city, county voting precincts will not impact Nov. 6 election

Although the city of Montgomery and Montgomery County currently have different voting precincts and polling places, that will have no impact on the Nov. 6 election since there are no municipal elections on that date.

The Montgomery City Council on Tuesday appointed a committee to consider whether it wants to adopt municipal voting precincts and polling places that coincide with changes the county made last year.

Last October, the Montgomery County Commission drew new districts based on the 2010 census. The commission adopted new precincts and polling places that were approved by the Department of Justice and went into effect Jan. 13, said Justin Aday, director of the Montgomery County Election Center.

But the next municipal election is not until 2015, providing the City Council ample time to decide if it will use the same voting precincts and polling places that the county has decided on.

?Regardless of what any entity ? city, county or otherwise ? chooses to do with voting precincts or polling places, it won?t have any impact on the Nov. 6 election,? Aday said.

City Council President Charles Jinright said the committee will start discussing whether the city will draw new precincts or use the county?s after the November election is over. The committee members include Jinright, Tracy Larkin, Jon Dow and Arch Lee.

?We want to study (the county precincts) more and make sure we?re on track,? Lee said. ?We don?t want to confuse the public any more than we have to. We?re not in a big hurry. We just want to double check since we have time on our hands.?

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